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Renewable energy

Princess Amalia Windfarm (formerlly known as Q7)We have been monitoring construction of the Princess Amalia Windfarm. Generating around 435GWhs of electricity yearly the farm will reduce The Netherlands’ dependency on fossil fuel imports and avoid 225,000 tons of CO2 emissions

The issue of climate change is rapidly changing the face of the global energy industry. Mott MacDonald’s energy team has built up vast experience with alternate energy schemes, driven both by the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from traditional sources, and to find sources of renewable energy.

Renewable energy technologies utilising natural resources range from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity, to biomass and biofuels. Globally, renewable’s contribution to primary energy production remains fairly small; about 13% of primary energy comes from renewables, with most of this coming from traditional biomass such as wood-burning. Mott MacDonald recognises that the technical potential for renewable energy is much greater and we're involved in many exciting projects to further encourage its use.

Our projects range from wind farms, biomass and groundwater solutions to geothermal, solar and tidal options. Within each of these categories Mott MacDonald’s capabilities, experience and track record are extensive. Our contribution ranges from helping national governments devise strategies for renewable energy exploitation to project managing delivery of biomass power stations in the UK and Philippines.

When it comes to wind energy, we've been involved in nearly 50% of all onshore wind farms in the UK to date, and in Ireland's largest wind farm development.

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