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Water resources management

Water measuring structureThe Ferghana Valley Water Resources Management Project addresses a situation where the excessively high water table requires measures covering a large region and various coordinated activities. We are providing project management

Mott MacDonald has unrivalled experience in water resource management and sanitation around the world, coupled with a strong commitment to implementing sustainability principles.

Water is central to all our lives but its quality and availability are threatened by pollution, climate change, building development and changing land use.

Today, more than 1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water and more than 2.6 billion have no safe sanitation. In more developed countries, demand for potable water continues to rise, while resources become ever more stretched. In other areas, too much water is a problem. Heavy rainfall can lead to flooding and displacement of people, and other associated impacts on people’s health and well-being.

A growing appreciation of the need to protect the environment is driving innovation in wastewater treatment and disposal across the world. Sustainability is the key driver for all these changes in the water sector.

Our key sustainability skills in the water sector include:
  • Maximising long term usage and development of water resources
  • Utilising integrated water resources management, river basin management and demand management techniques
  • Optimising power and chemical consumption, and minimising waste production in water and wastewater treatment processes
  • Reducing storm water and sewage discharge to water courses by the promoting use of sustainable drainage systems and elimination of combined sewer outfalls
  • Promoting appropriate technologies to facilitate adequate and long term revenue streams for operation and maintenance expenditure
  • Reducing leakage and unaccounted for water in water supply systems
  • Promoting effluent reuse and recycling of construction materials
  • Committing to community involvement in project development including empowering less influential groups and gender awareness
  • Carrying out institutional strengthening and capacity building activities for technical staff and customers engaged in water projects
  • Designing flood protection structures and carrying out strategic flood risk assessments

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